Step by Step Guide To Create an AdSense Account

How to Create an AdSense Account

You must have heard the frequently used word Google AdSense in field of blogging and online world as one of the way of earning money.

Google AdSense is an online monetizing platform provided by Google where contextual advertisement programs are available that you can display in your blog, mobile apps or Youtube videos.

Google AdSense earning

You earn money on the basis of clicks on the ads displayed on your website. The amount per clicks varies from place to place.The rate is high in clicks from readers from developed countries like USA, UK, Australia and European nation than in comparison to clicks from readers of developing and under-developed nations across the globe. There are other factors too but this is the first and the most important. Good bloggers make $20,000-$50,000 per month.

Although there are various ways of making money online, Google Adsense program is best in advertisement based program. Besides Google Adsense there are platforms like and other many that are advertisement showing based.

I will be demonstrating the procedures to create AdSense account and special precautions to be followed in the applying process in this post.

Before entering into the main content there are some most needed requirements to be followed before you apply for AdSense.

1)You need to have a website/Youtube Channel.(Here I will focus on website)
2)Your age must be above 18.If you are not you can apply using the name and Google Account of your guardian who permits you to do so.

By following the points carefully the chance of getting an approval for Adsense increases by factor of 3xx (although they are not compulsory for late approval of account).
You should have unique and interesting content with words count above 1000(but note:there is not count criteria).
  • Your website should have 15+ rich content. Some can get approval in 4-5 blogs also and some may get it after 40-50 blogs. So, always write rich content.
  • Having top level domain name like .com, .org, .co, .new.
    Free domain take some few months more to get approval.
  • Never  copy and paste content from other popular blogs.
  • Create pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer.
  • Do not breach Google policies and do not promote adult and sexual contents.

Steps in creating an AdSense account: 
Adsense has approved the following two steps:

1)Creating An Account
Sign up for an AdSense account
Google Adsense will review your website .It may take few days and there is a great chance of rejection if you do not follow the steps correctly and wisely.
Once  approved, place Adsense ads code on your blog/website.

2)Getting Adsense pin for earning money
Ads start to shoe after placing AdSense codes on your website.
Once your earning reaches $10, AdSense will send a PIN to your account via paper mail.
Threshold amount for AdSense is $100 .After crossing $100 you start receiving money on monthly basis.

Now let's go in detail step description to create an AdSense account. You need to be very careful while information so, please read carefully.

First, go to Signup page for AdSense.
AdSense start page URl:
Click on Get Started

Website details area and Email area:
On the specified places you have to enter your website URL and choose the content language .
NOTE: Enter the web URL without “http://”.
This simple but frequently occurring mistake can cause rejection.

On the another form you have to enter your gmail address.
NOTE: I recommend to use email domain specific e-mail address ( if you have one .It increases your chance of getting approval by 3 times.
Check mark on Yes,send me customized help and performance suggestions if you are new and as it helps.

If you do not have , no worry, you can use your regular email also. It's OK.Next page appears as you submit it.

On the next page appearing,select your country, read the AdSense policies and then click to check mark on all boxes appearing.

You have to provide all the information correctly and without doing mistake.
In name , enter the same payee name under which you have a bank account ,as Adsense will send checks or EFT payment under that name.
If you do mistake then it can be very difficult to change the payee name in many nations.
So,fill it correctly and make sure that payee name and bank account holder name are exactly same.


 Fill other asked details like address(should match the address in your certificate like License card or Citizenship card) and other information.

You have to provide your phone number and you will get verification code.
Enter the verification code.
Then click on "Submit" button.
Next page opens where you can review your info.Make sure it's all correct.
Now Google will review your website and see if your website is eligible with all its requirements and the AdSense policy and if is then your Google AdSense account will get approved.You will receive an email when AdSense is approved.

Once approved for AdSense  account, you have to create AdSense codes to your blog and place them in the website. After placing ads , viewers will be seeing ads on your blog at places provided by you for Google ads. Mostly ads are relevant to your post (choosing ads is done by Google itself).
Google will review your website again and once when amount in your account reaches $10, it sends you AdSense PIN to the location specified by you while filling the information during signing up for AdSense account and it will send notification mail in your email account.
You will get your pin within 1-2 months depending upon your location.
NOTE: Use the full address as in Google Maps to get the code faster.

STEP 5: Getting money from Google AdSense
Once you receive mail with pin, you have to enter the PIN in your AdSense account to verify Google AdSense account.
You have to submit your tax information along with it.
The threshold amount for AdSense account is $100.So once your balance crosses $100 you will start receiving money on your bank account monthly.

I hope that this post helped you. Please share it in our social sites among friends as this can for needy ones who want to learn blogging and convert passion into money.