Top 10 highest earning bloggers in India.

We are here with the list of 10 highest earning bloggers in India.

“Does a blogger earn a decent amount of money and popularity enough to live a happy life ?”This is the existing question in our mind that comes before we start to write any blog or enter in the field  of blogging.

To it,we want to say yes!.blogger can earn both and here is the proof.

Blogging is fun,easy to do and good source of earning.Just you need is passion and patience and laptop with internet .I have written the full and easy steps to start a blog.CLICK HERE to read it.Bloggers earn money through various channels like Google AdSense,Direct ads,affiliate marketing,service and product selling,premium membership,and so on.

These 10 bloggers are in our list of most popular,successful and most earning blogger across India.

 1.Amit Agarwal-

  • Blog name: Inspiration (
  • Starting  Year : 2004
  • Blog type:Tech blog
  • Estimated earning: $60,000 per month
  • Channel  of income: Paid advertisement, Adsense, direct- selling, sponsoring, and affiliate marketing
  • Traffic amount: 4.5 million+ monthly
Amit Agrawal is in the first position of highest earning and best blogger in India.

Amit Agarwal started his blog Digital Inspiration ( in 2004 A.D.

Amit Agarwal is India’s first professional and most famous tech  blogger who started blogging in India.He blogs about consumer software and mobile app and other technological niches .

Labnol  got instantly popular and became one of the top 100 technology blogs in the world. Digital Inspiration won the Best Technology Blog award at Indibloggies for two times.

His blog gets about 4.5 million monthly page views per month. He makes a handsome income of about  $60,000 per month.

He earns this  from paid advertisement, Adsense, direct- selling, sponsoring, and affiliate marketing.Adsense earnings constitutes 75% of his monthly income.

He has received  various awards in India and has been quoted in Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, etc.

 2.Harsh Agrawal - ShoutMeLoud

  • Blog name: ShoutMeLoud
  • Starting  Year : 2008
  • Blog type:Blogging and internet marketting
  • Estimated earning:   $52,055 per month
  • Channel  of income: affiliate marketing, Adsense,eBook sales, sponsorship, Propeller Ads
  • Traffic amount: 3 million+ views per month

Harsh Agrawal , engineer by education and a blogger by profession,  founded ShoutMeLoud in 2008  which is one of the very popular blogs in India specially among  youth .

His blog focuses on blogging,  monetizing it , SEO, business blogging, Webhosting,  social media and every context related to Internet Marketing like Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing,Affiliate marketing.

His blog gets more than 3 million views per month.
His monthly income is worth  $52,055.majority of his income is from affiliate marketing. . He calls himself as one of the best affiliate marketers for web hosting affiliate programs like  HostGator, BlueHost, and A2 Hosting in one of his niche .  Google Adsense,eBook sales, sponsorship, Propeller Ads, constitute rest of his income.

Harsh Agarwal received the “Best Blog/Blogger Award” from The Indian Blogger Awards in 2018,  and  Entrepreneurship Award.

So,harsh holds second place in the list of highest earning and best blogger in India.

3.Pritam Nagrale- MoneyConnexion

  • Blog name: MoneyConnexion
  • Starting  Year : 2012
  • Blog type:blog,freelancing
  • Total earning:More than 1 million through blogging
  • Channel  of income: Adsense, affiliate marketing
  • Traffic amount: 1million+ monthly
MoneyConnexion started blog ‘MoneyConnexion’ in 2012 although he had started to write blog since 2009.

His blogs mainly focuses on exploring various ideas of generating money online,reviewing websites so people love his blog so much.

He gets million of page-views per month.
According to himself in one of his blog he has stated that his total income from blogging is more than $1 Million and he is the proud owner of BMW 5 Series 520d luxury line.

So,looking at his blog followers and total money earned through blogging he holds third position in this list.

4.Faisal Farooqui- Mouthshut

  • Blog name: Mouthshut
  • Blog type: consumer review based
  • Estimated earning: $50,000 per month
  • Channel  of income: Paid advertisement, premium membership, Adsense, and affiliate marketing

Faisal is the founder  and CEO of the very popular consumer review based blog,  is the fourth most earning blogger of India.

Faisal completed his bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York and a degree in Information Systems and Finance  then Faisal left the United States and went back home to India where he started

Mouthshut gets millions of  views every month.
His monthly income is about $50,000 from paid advertisement, premium membership, Adsense, and affiliate marketing. won awards like IMPACT Digital Power 100 Gurgaon(2012), Tenchopreneurship and many other.

Faisal has been awarded as a Digital Icon in the Impact Digital Power 100 List of India's Digital Ecosystem and has also been named as a Youth Icon on Doordarshan (India's national TV news channel).

5.Shradha Sharma- YourStory

  • Blog name: YourStory
  • Starting  Year : 2008
  • Blog type: leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Estimated earning:  $30,000 monthly
  • Channel  of income:  Adsense, sponsorship, and paid advertisement.
Shradha Sharma I,with no doubt,is  India’s top women blogger who is the  founder and Chief Editor of founded in 2008.She is the highest earning women blogger and fifth most popular and earning blogger of India.

Shradha started out  Brand Adviser of  Times of India and as the Assistant Vice President of CNBC TV18(one of the country’s largest TV stations).

YourStory focuses  on leadership and entrepreneurship and sharing success stories of successful founders of different companies.

YourStory has a monthly view of over 10 million.
Her monthly income is $30,000+ which is from Adsense, sponsorship, and advertisement.

She has been awarded with  L’Oreal Paris Femina Award’ for online influence in 2015

6.Malini Agarwal- MissMalini

  • Blog name: MissMalini
  • Blog type: fashion,lifestyle,celebrity
  • Estimated earning: $30,000 per month
  • Channel  of income:Paid advertising, Adsense

MissMalini, is an Indian digital influencer,TV host, entrepreneur who  focused on her blogger career more after founding MissMalini.Com

 Malini  writes outstanding posts on fashion, Bollywood and celebrity lifestyle, Indian and international fashion trends, Travel, Food, and Nightlife.
She is the author of the motivational book: “To the Moon: How I Blogged My Way to Bollywood.” .
 Her blog, MissMalini gets about 6 millions of monthly page views .

She earns decent income of $30,000 per month.
Her blog is regularly featured in leading fashion and lifestyle publications like Elle,Cosmopolitian,Graziaand.

7.Amit Bhawani-

  • Blog name:
  • Starting  Year : 2007
  • Blog type:  Tech
  • Estimated earning: $25,000 per month
  • Channel  of income: Direct paid advertising, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.
Amit Bhawani  started blogging in the year 2004 but his successful blog AmitBhawani.Com was launched in 2007.

He basically focuses on and blogs about the technology niche and latest  technology-related topics such as tablets, mobile phones, and other related technical stuff.

With millions of page-views per month his income is about  $25,000.His income sources include direct paid advertising, Adsense, and affiliate marketing.

8.Varun Krishnan- Fonearena

  • Blog name: Fonearena
  • Starting  Year :2005
  • Blog type: Technology
  • Estimated earning: $22,000 per month
  • Channel  of income: paid advertisement, Adsense,sponsorship and affiliate marketing

Varun Krishnan started his tech related blog FoneArena  in 2005.
Varun Krishnan was named as one of the top 10 Mobile Influencer in the world by Forbes.

His blog covers beautifully organized information about mobile consumers and technology enthusiasts  related to technology news, mobile phones, and their review.
His blog also tries covers  other fields such as computers, camera, robotics and other space  which involves electronics, computers and mechanics.

His  earning is approximately $22,000 per month which comes from  paid advertisement, Adsense,spo nsorship and affiliate marketing.

His blog FoneArena was honoured with influential gadget blog in the world and is frequently quoted by many reputed global publications such as Wall Street Journal, BBC, NY Times and  featured on Economic Times , The Hindu and The Mint .

9.Srinivas Tamada-

  • Blog name:
  • Blog type: web designing, programming
  • Estimated earning: $20,000 per month
  • Channel  of income: affiliate sources and Adsense earnings
Srinivas Tamada is a part-time in Chennai-based blogger and UI Architect who founded ‘’  .

His blog  focuses on web designing, programming, and other related topics specially to php language .
His  estimated income is  $20,000 per month from affiliate sources and Adsense earnings.and direct advertisement.

10.Arun Prabhudesai-

  • Blog name:
  • Starting  Year :2007
  • Blog type:Business,Telecom,Tech
  • Estimated earning:  $15,000per month
  • Channel  of income:  Affiliate marketing,Google Adsense, and paid advertisement
Arun Prabhudesai is the founder of business and technology blog called founded in 2007.

His blog covers business trends in India, entrepreneurship and start-up buzzs Indian telecom ,Internet and technology related devices.

He has monthly income of $15,000 through affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, and paid advertisement.

Times Online picked his blog ‘’ as one of the Top 10 Indian Business Blogs.  was featured in Times of India special report on Blogging completing 10 years.

These are in our list of most successful, most popular and highest earning blogger of India.

Besides these well known successful and highest earning bloggers of India there are other bloggers like Ashish Sinha of NextBigWhat.Com, Anand Khanse of TheWindowsClub, Abhijit Mukherjee of GuidingTech and other any inspirational blogger who make a decent of income about $15000 per month.

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