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Answer Set
1. a

2-kingdom system – Carolus Linneaus

3-kingdom system - Ernest Hacckel

4-kingdom system - Strainier and Von Neil

5- Kingdom system - Robert H. Whittaker

6-kingdom system - Gray and Doolittle


2. d

Kasper Bauhin developed the concept which was extensively
used by Carolos Linnaeus.


3. a

Amphibian of plant kingdom is Bryophyte.

First land inhibiting plant- Bryophyte

First fully terrestrial plant- Pteridophyta


4. a

Largest Bryophyte is Dawsonia

Smallest Bryophyte is Zoopsis


5. b

 In rape test Fructose
is tested.



Various deficiency related diseases

Carbohydrate- Marasmus

Vitamin A-Night blindness

Vitamin B1-Beri-beri

Vitamin B3-Pellagra

Vitamin C-Scurvy

Vitamin D-Rickets

7. a

ligament joins muscle to bone. Tendon joins bone to bone.


8. b

Universal donor is 'o' positive.

Universal acceptor is AB negative.


9.  c       

Mimicry is copying other.



The coelom present in Ascaris/Aschelminthes is Pseudocoel.


11. a

The most important condition for origin of life is water.


12. b

volume charge density=Charge per unit volume

surface charge density=Charge per unit area

linear charge density=Charge per unit length

13. b

No. of free electrons increase with rise in temperature in
semi conductors so conductance increases with rise in temperature


14. a

Resistance(unit is Ohm)

In conductor: increases with increase in temp



R2= resistance at temp(t2)

R1= resistance at temp(t1)

temperature difference(t)=t2-t1

α=coefficient of linear expansion

In semi conductor: decreases increase in temp

In insulator: decreases increase in temp




15. c )both

Note : nature of material is first priority if option both
is not given


16. b

In discharging mode: E=V + Ir

In short circuit: V=0 as R=0


17. b

Series=potential divider

Parallel =current divider


18. d

In parallel: total emf=emf of each cell

In series: total emf=emf of a cell*no. of cell

So, equivalent emf is 6V


19. d

Sound wave is longitudinal wave.

And longitudinal wave cannot exhibit phenomenon of

Polarization is exhibited by transverse wave only.


20. c

10 to the power 6 times


90d (decibel) sound is 10 to the power 6 times more intense
than 30dB

80d (decibel) sound is 10  to the power 5 times more intense
than 30dB

80d (decibel) sound is 10 to the power 2 times more intense
than 60dB

Level of sound has logarithmic operations.

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