Answer Set 4

Answer of Set 4

  1. d

Diamond-100% carbon

hardest substance

crystalline allotrope

non conductor of electricity



Also called as Plumbago or Black lead.

Amorphous allotrope

good conductor of electricity due to presence of mobile electrons.



Appears as bulky ball or football each structure consisting of 60 to 350 carbon atoms.

Crystalline form


Amorphous Carbon:

eg coal, lamp black, bone black, carbon black, etc



  1. c

Glass is an amorphous , super-cooled liquid which is also known as pseudo solid.

Annealing- Slow and gradual cooling of glass


  1. c

Types of glass:

Ordinary Glass: Silicate of Ca and Na

Water glass: Silicate of Na is maximum

Flint Glass: Silicates of K and Pb

Pyrex Glass: Silicate of B, Al and Na.

Pyrex glass is also called Borosil glass.



  1. b

Gangue or matrix: Unwanted impurities associated with the ores.

Flux: Chemical substances added to remove gangue .

Gangue + flux =slag (i.e. A fusible material)

Acidic flux: silica, borax

Basic flux: CaO, FeO, calcium carbonate


  1. b

s and p block elements are called representative or normal elements.

Elements of 2nd period are known as bridge elements. Properties of bridge elements resemble with the properties of the diagonal elements of  3rd period.

Li and Mg , Be and Al, B and Si show diagonal relationship.


  1. c

Oxygen: most abundant element on earth crust.

Silicon: 2nd most abundant element on earth crust .

Aluminum: Most abundant metal on earth crust .

Hydrogen: The most abundant element in universe .

Uranium: Heaviest naturally occurring element

Occurrence of elements on earth's crust order:

0> Si> Al > Fe> Ca > Na > K>Mg



  1. c

CO- neutral oxide

Carbon dioxide- acidic

GeO- basic oxide

SnO and PbO- amphoteric oxides


  1. a

Virus which attacks bacteria is termed as Bacteriophage

Virus attacking algae is - Phycophages.

Virus attacking E.Coli- Coliphage

Virus attacking yeast- Zymophage

Virus attacking fungi is- Mycophage

Virus attacking BGA is - Cynophage


  1. C

shape of different viruses

Rod shaped- TMV

Brick shaped - small

Spherical- influenza virus

Tadpole like- Bacteriophage virus

Bullet or rod shaped- Rabies virus


  1. d

Aristotle- Father of Biology, Zoology, founder of embryology and taxonomy

Theophrastus- Father of botany

Empedocles - father of concept of organic evolution

Robert Hooke: Father of cytology

Edward Jenner: Father of immunology

Hippocrates - Father of medicine

Mendel-Father of genetics



  1. b

Herpetology- Study of reptiles

Cnidology - study of coelenterates

Ophiology/Serpetology-Study of snakes

Nidology- Study of nest of birds

Ctelogy- Study of acquired characters

Saurology- Study of lizards

Bacteriology- Study of bacteria

Bryology- Study of bryophytes

Synecology- Study of community in relation to environment

Mycology-Study of Fungi

Phycology-study of Algae

Anthology-Study of flowers



  1. b

Karyology- Study of nucleus

Cytogenetics- Study of Chromosomes

Cytology- Study of cell

Karyology- Study of nucleus

Malacology-Study of Molluscs

Parazoology-Study of porifera

Bacteriology- study of bacteria.

Virology-Study of vinus

Bacfrecology-study of frog

Floriculture-Study of cultivation of plants for flower

Sericulture-Study of rearing of silkworm

Silviculture- Study of development of forest and utilization

Euthenics- Study of improvement of human race by improving nutrition and environment.

Euphenics - Study of improvement of human race by improving protein during synthesis



  1. d

Fat soluble vitamins - A, D, E & K

Water soluble vitamins - B & C

Vitamin C is absent in meat, milk and egg.



  1. d

Capacitor- stores charge



  1. d

40 sec

we know:

v=u + at

u=20. a=10

At top v=0

so, we get t=20 second

But this is the time of ascent only.

Total time to reach ground=2*t=40s



  1. b

Electroplating is possible in AC only.


  1. c

Both hit the ground at the same time as all their physical quantities are same.



  1. c


for weight to be half g should be half.

Apply shortcut:


where n=2 so

h=(√n -1)R=(√2-1)R=(1.414-1)R=0.414R=2624 km

R=radius of earth



  1. b


Water- 480

Glass- 300-420

Perspex- 420



  1. d

Absolute zero- The temperature at which all the molecular motion stops.

Its value is -273.150 C or 0 k.

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