Most Important MCQ for Class 11 Entrance Exam- SET 4

These are some of the most emphasized and most important MCQs asked in the entrance exam for Class 11 prepared by ex-students of St. Xavier’s College, SOS, Prasadi, and entrance toppers of various colleges.

Take it as a practice question to be familiar with question patterns and build your confidence. This set contains 20 questions. The total time is 25 minutes.
Remember "Practice Makes a Man Perfect."

1. Diamond is
a. 50% amorphous carbon
b. 50% crystalline carbon
c. 100% amorphous carbon
d. 100% crystalline carbon


2. Glass is a
a. supercooled liquid
b. pseudo solid
c. both
d. none


3. Pyrex Glass is
a. Silicates of Ca and Na
b. Silicates of K and Pb
c. Silicate of B, Al, and Na
d. Silicates of K and Na


4. Unwanted impurities associated with the ores of metal is called
a. flux
b. gangue
c. slag
d. dirt


5. Elements of 2nd period are known as
a. normal/representative elements
b. bridge elements
c. diagonal elements
d. transition metals


6. Which is the most abundant element on earth crust
a. Aluminum
b. Silicon
c. Oxygen
d. Iron

7. Carbon dioxide is acidic but carbon monoxide(CO) is
a. Acidic oxide
b. Basic Oxide
c. Neutral oxide
d. Amphoteric oxide


8. Bacteriophage virus attacks
a. bacteria
b. algae
c. fungi
d. yeast


9. Which of the following is rod-shaped virus?
a. Small pox virus
b. Rabies virus
c. TMV
d. Influenza


10. Who is known as the Father of Biology
a. Robert Brown
b. Carolous Linnaeus
c. Theophrastus
d. Aristotle


11. The study of reptiles is called
a. Nidology
b. Herpetology
c. Haematology
d. Serpetology


12. The study of the nucleus is called
a. Cytology
b. karyology
c. Cytogenetics
d. none

13. Fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins
a. A, B, C, and D
b. B & C
c. A and B
d. A, D, E and K


14. The device used to store charge is
a. Dynamo
b. Cell
c. Inductor
d. Capacitor


15. A body is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 200 m/s. it returns ground in about
a. 20s
b. 30s
c. 40s
d. None


16. Electroplating is possible in
a. DC only
b. AC only
c. In both
d. In none


17. A ball is dropped(A) and another ball(B) is thrown horizontally from the same height. Which ball hits the ground first
a. A
b. B
c. Both hit the ground simultaneously
d. Depends on the mass of the ball


18. At what height above the earth surface will the weight of a person become half as that on the surface?
a. 3200 km
b. 6400 km
c. 2624 km
d. 64000 km


19. The critical angle for diamond is
a. 120
b. 240
c. 420
d. 170


20. Absolute zero temperature is
a. 00C
b. 00F
c. -273.15K
d. -273.150C

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