Most Important MCQs to crack St. Xavier's and SOS Entrance

To help the SEE passed students preparing for entrance exams of colleges like like St. Xavier's, SOS, Budanilkantha and other renowned top colleges of entire nation we have come with the posts with a set of MCQs which are selectively picked and are most important to crack any entrance exam.

We have created several pages with 20 questions on each. Answers of questions of every set is given on the last with some other vital and most important knowledge related to every answers.

Take it as mock exam. Time designated for every set is 30 minutes. Try your best to answer every question as "Practice Makes a Man Perfect."

1.The escape velocity of a projectile from the earth is approximately

a. 7km/s

b.11.2 km/s

c.7 m/s

d.11.2 m/s

2. The image of nearer object formed by a long sighted person is

a. in front of retina

b. at the retina

c. no image formed

d. behind retina

3. Splitting of beam of light is called

a. polarization

b. deviation

c. dispersion

d. Total internal reflection

4. Two lenses of powers +6 and -13 dioptres are placed in contact. What is the total power of system?

a. +19 D

b. -19 D

c. +7 D

d. -7 D

5. Light year is the unit of

a. Distance

b. Time

c. Mass

d. Intensity of light

6. Heat required to evaporate 1  gram of ice at 0 degree Celsius is?

a. 100 calorie

b. 540 calorie

c. 640 calorie

d. 720 calorie

7. A stone is projected upwards. With height it increases its

a. Momentum

b. Total energy

c. Retardation

d. Potential energy

8. Weight of a person is

a. more in polar region than in equatorial

b. less in polar region than in equatorial

c. same in in polar region and equatorial

d. cannot be said

9. 1 Joule=________ calorie

a. 4.2

b. 1/4.2

c. 42

d. 1/42

10. The field of view is maximum for

a. convex mirror

b. concave mirror

c. plane mirror

d. parabolic mirror

11. For a machine: MA=6 and V.R=12 then efficiency=

a. 100%

b. 72%

c. 50%

d. 200%

12. For equilibrium which of the following set of forces is not applicable

a. 10N,12N, 25N

b. 8N, 10N, 15N

c. 18N, 22N, 15N

d. 1N, 2N, 3N

13. Boiling point of a substance is a/an:

a. Intensive quantity

b. Extensive quantity

c. Both

d. None

14. The intensity of sound at night increases because of:

a. Low temperature.

b. Increases in density.

c. Decrease in density.

d. Calmness.

15. Minimum size of mirror to see full image of oneself is?

a. Same as of observer

b. Half of observer

c. 2/3rd of observer's size

d. None

16. Air bubbles inside water appear silvery white due to

a. Refraction of light

b. Total internal reflection

c. Scattering of light

d. Dispersion

17. Protein coat of virus is made up of:

a. Capsid

b. Capsomeres

c. Chromomeres

d. Schizomere

18. Small pox is caused by:

a. Variola virus

b. Vericella virus

c. Polio virus

d. Rhinovirus

19. In which process number of chromosome reduces to half in daughter cell;
a. Mitosis
b. Meiosis I
c. Meiosis II
d. Cytokinesis

20. Replication of DNA takes place in
a. Interphase
b. Metaphase
c. Anaphase
d. Telophase

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