Colleges Offering Diploma In Engineering in Nepal

Diploma is a 3 year course program designed in such a way to specialize a student in a particular field. In Nepal diploma in engineering is affiliated to CTEVT. In Nepal diploma in engineering is available in various fields. If previous post we have already discussed about them in detail(scholarship, eligibility criteria, entrance question pattern and all other information). If you haven’t read yet, click here to read. In this post, we have come with complete lists of colleges/schools/institutions offering diploma in engineering course in Nepal.

Colleges Offering Diploma In Engineering in Nepal

Colleges Offering Diploma In Civil Engineering in Nepal
  1. Karnali Technical School, Jumla

  2. Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic, Morang

  3. Nepal Banepa Polytechnic Institute, Kavre

  4. Nepal Polytechnic Institute (NPI), Chitwan

  5. Oxford Advanced Engineering College, Kathmandu

  6. Seti Technical School, Doti

  7. Sindhuli Community Technical Institute, Sindhuli

  8. AmarJyoti Model Secondary School, Surkhet

  9. Asian Engineering College, Kathmandu

  10. Baijnath Engineering College, Kanchanpur

  11. Balaju School of Engineering and Technology, Kathmandu

  12. Bheri Technical School, Banke

  13. Birgunj Institute of Technology, Parsa
  1. BP Memorial Polytechnic Institute, Dhanusa

  2. Central Engineering Campus, Lalitpur

  3. College of Allied Technical Science, Banke

  4. College of Computer Technology, Rupandehi

  5. Gokuleshwor Secondary School, Darchula

  6. Golden Park College, Morang

  7. Gorkha Polytechnic Institute, Gorkha

  8. Himal Secondary School, Gorkha

  9. Homraj Lohani Sharada Shiksha Sadan Secondary School, Tanahun

  10. Jalpa Devi Secondary School, Dhankuta

  11. Jana Prakash Secondary School Kolti, Bajura

  12. Janasewa Secondary School, Rolpa

  13. Jay Kisan Polytechnic Institute, Rautahat

  14. Kantipur College of Technical Science, Kathmandu

  15. Kathmandu Institute of Technology (KIT), Kathmandu

  16. Khwopa Poly-Technic Institute, Bhaktapur

  17. Kumari Engineering College, Kathmandu

  18. Lahan Technical School, Siraha

  19. Lumbini Engineering College, Rupandehi

  20. Madan Ashrit Memorial Technical School, Kathmandu

  21. Malika Namuna Secondary School, Bajura

  22. Martyr Bris Bahadur Singh Polytechnic Institute, Bajhang

  23. Narayani Polytechnic Institute, Chitwan

  24. National Engineering College, Nepalgunj, Banke

  25. Nepal Technical Institute, Dhanusa

  26. Nepalgunj Technical College, Banke

Colleges Offering Diploma In Computer Engineering in Nepal
1.Nepal Polytechnic Institute (NPI), Chitwan

2.Oxford Advanced Engineering College, Kathmandu

3.Birgunj Institute of Technology, Parsa

4.College of Computer Technology, Rupandehi

5.Damak Technical Education Foundation, Jhapa

6.Dhaulagiri Deaf Residential Secondary School, Baglung

7 .Golden Park College, Morang

8.Kathmandu Institute of Technology (KIT), Kathmandu

9.Krishna Secondary School Baitadi, Baitadi

10.Lumbini Engineering College, Rupandehi

11.Madhyamanchal Regional Engineering College, Dhanusa

12.Nepal Softech College of Computer Engineering, Saptari

13.Nepalgunj Technical College, Banke

14.Pokhara Engineering College, Pokhara

15 .Rapti Engineering College, Dang

16.Rastriya Secondary School Dattu, Darchula

17.Siddhartha Secondary School Syangja, Syangja

18.Sunsari Technical College, Sunsari

19.Sushma Koirala Memorial Engineering College, Sunsari

Colleges Offering Diploma In Electrical Engineering in Nepal
1.Nepal Banepa Polytechnic Institute, Kavre

2.Padmodaya Public Secondary School, Ghorahi, Dang

3.Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic, Morang

4.Nepal Polytechnic Institute (NPI), Chitwan

5.Balaju School of Engineering and Technology, Kathmandu

6.Bheri Technical School, Banke

7.Bhrikuti Secondary School, Kanchanpur

8.Birgunj Institute of Technology, Parsa

9 .Central Engineering Campus, Lalitpur

10.DON BOSCO Institute, Lalitpur

11.Kathmandu Institute of Technology (KIT), Kathmandu

12.Korea Nepal Institute of Technology (KNIT), Butwal

13.Lumbini Engineering College, Rupandehi

14.Madhyamanchal Regional Engineering College, Dhanusa

15.Narayani Polytechnic Institute, Chitwan

16.Nepal Technical Institute, Dhanusa

17.Ranabir Janahit Secondary School, Syangja

Colleges Offering Diploma In Mechanical Engineering in Nepal
1.Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic, Morang

2.Balaju School of Engineering and Technology, Kathmandu

3.Bheri Technical School, Banke

4.Korea Nepal Institute of Technology (KNIT), Butwal

5.Gorkha Polytechnic Institute (GPI),Gorkha

6.Madan Ashrit Memorial Technical School, kathmandu

7.Nepal Banepa Polytechnic  Institute, Kavre

8.Secondary School Ghorahi, Dang

9.Shankarapur Polytechnic Institute, Kathmandu

Colleges Offering Diploma In Electronics Engineering in Nepal
1.Khwopa Poly-Technic Institute, Bhaktapur

2.Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic, Morang

3.Nepal Polytechnic Institute (NPI), Chitwan

4.Birgunj Institute of Technology, Parsa

5.Kathmandu Institute of Technology (KIT), Kathmandu

6.Korea Nepal Institute of Technology (KNIT), Butwal

7.Madhyamanchal Regional Engineering College, Dhanusa

Colleges Offering Diploma In Architectural Engineering in Nepal
  1. Ranabir Janahit Secondary School, Syangja

  2. Kashyap Institute of Engineering and Technology (KIET), Dhanusa

  3. Kathmandu Institute of Technology (KIT), Kathmandu

  4. Martyr Krishna Sen Ichhuk Polytechnic Institute, Dang

Colleges Offering Diploma In Automobile Engineering in Nepal
1.Korea Nepal Institute of Technology (KNIT),Butwal

2.Padmodaya Public Secondary School, Ghorahi.

3.Balara Polytechnic Institute, Sarlahi

4.Jeeb Raj Ashrit Polytechnic Institute, Gulmi

5.Prashauni Polytechnic Institute, Bara

6.Balaju School of Engineering and Technology, Kathmandu.

Colleges Offering Diploma In Refrigerator And Air Conditioning System in Nepal
1.Korea Nepal Institute of Technology (KNIT), Butwal

2.Bheri Technical School, Banke

3.Eastern Region Campus, Dharan

Colleges Offering Diploma In Geomatics Engineering in Nepal
1.Land Management Training Center, Kavre

2.Nepal Banepa Polytechnic Institute, Kavre

3.School of Geomatics, Kathmandu

These are the colleges/schools in Nepal providing diploma in engineering in Nepal. Hope you find it helpful. Help us by sharing it with friends.