Free Online Courses Offered By Top Universities Of The World

Online learning involves courses offered by colleges and university where reading material, teachers and classroom are accessed online by interested students and after completion of required credit hours, assignments and online exams students get certificate of their course. For most of the students it has been the ultimate solution for acquiring necessary skills and knowledge and widely accepted certificate.

Free Online Courses Offered By Top Universities Of The World

In this post we will light on the free online courses provided by top universities of the world like Harvard University, Oxford University, MIT, Stanford University and other many world famous universities.

First of all let’s look at some of the advantages of online courses.

Advantages of Online Course/Learning

Learn from your own place

Online courses bring education at your doorstep. You can read the course at any time as education materials, virtual teacher and classroom are available 24 hours.


It is more flexible. You don’t need to lose job and leave your family, children or city. You can do job and spend time with family at your loving place.

You can provide yourself more time for academic research (if you love doing practical, writing proposals and thesis ,research more than attending lectures).


Online learning is highly accessible to everyone of every nook and corner across the globe. You need to have laptop, internet facility, small amount of money (not in free course) and learning mindset. That's all and you will get knowledge, skill and certificate. Sometime, extra amount is needed for acquiring certificate.

Cost affordable

Online courses are comparatively less costly than physical colleges. You don’t need to pay for rent (hostel), transportation and all other off-college amounts. Online course materials are less costlier than books and other physical educational materials.

Are certificates from online courses worth valuable and meaning-full? This might be the common sentiment and doubt. But cheap doesn’t mean worthless. Various certificates of different online courses are given credit and accepted widely.

Duration of course

This is the huge advantage of learning online courses. Course of whole 3-4 years are completed in months or less years provided that you complete the necessary credit hour. 

Familiar to outside world

In online courses you are most likely to meet and make friends belonging to different place, nation, culture, background and history. Along with academic excellence, you can learn skills that are needed in society to live a happy life. You can have the chance of connecting to the global village.

Free online courses offered by  top universities of the world

It can be difficult to get physical admission at top and highly prestigious universities of the world but if you have dedication for education and learning skill from these universities, you have alternatives brought at your home. There are several online courses provided by these universities which are accessible to all.

University provides both free and paid online courses. On this post we will be focusing on free courses provided by some of the most famous, best and popular universities of the World.

Top Universities of The World (2021)

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

2. Stanford University

3. Harvard University

4. University of Oxford

5. California Institute of Technology

These all universities are most prestigious mainly not for their degree value but more academic excellence, teaching, international recognition and for number of research papers published.

Now let’s discuss in detail about the free online courses available at top universities.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Total Students: 11,342

Academic Faculty Staff: 3,011

Status: Private

Location: Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, United States

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research university established in April 10, 1861 .

It is known internationally for excellence in modern science and engineering, technology and mathematics.

Free Courses Offered By MIT

Number theory I :This is a graduate level course. Algebraic and analystic number theory topics are included in it.

Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy

This is a Undergraduate / Graduate level course. Topic like microeconomic model of consumer behavior and evaluating theories focusing on casual effects of several aspects are included in it.

Making Books: The Renaissance and Today

This is a Undergraduate level course which includes topic like new technology on recording and distribution of images and word in 3 different phases of printing press developments.

Other Courses Offered by MIT 

Stanford University

Total Students: 16,260

Academic Faculty Staff: 4,478

Status: Private

Location: Serra Mall Stanford, United States

Founded in 1885, this private research school is known for law, engineering, business & medicine

Free Courses Offered By Stanford University

Computer Science 101  :  This is an introductory level course which provides introduction to Computer Science.

Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1

For other courses

Harvard University

Total Students: 23,583

Academic Faculty Staff: 4,556

Status: Private

Location: Massachusetts, United States

Free Courses Offered By Harvard University

Calculus Applied  : It is an Intermediate level course. Topic of single-variable calculus to create  mathematical models, economists model and other real life science is included.

Justice  :  This is a Introductory level course. It covers introduction to moral and political philosophy. This is one of the most popular course with over 350,000 enrollments.

Data Science :R Basics

The Einstein Revolution 

Other Courses Offered by Harvard University 

University of Oxford

Total Students: 20,786

Status: Public

No. of research departments: 70

Location: Wellington Square Oxford, United Kingdom

It is one of the oldest, most renowned and top universities across the globe. It provides extraordinarily beneficial courses in many fields to students. Its degree is of huge value in international market.

From Poverty to Prosperity: Understanding Economic Development :   This is an intermediate level course. It covers the role of government along with social, political and economic processes that uplifts society from poverty to prosperity.

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California Institute of Technology

Total Students: 2,237

Academic Faculty Staff: 1,059

Status: Private

Location: East California, United States

California Institute of Technology is a world famous research university founded in 1891 known for its engineering & science programs.

Free Courses Offered By California Institute of Technology(Caltech)

Pricing Options with Mathematical Models :   Course includes mathematical models for pricing financial derivatives and Black-Scholes-Merton model.

Quantum Cryptography  

Other free courses

Bonus Course:

By Microsoft:

Learn to Program in Java :   In this course coding skills for Java is taught. It has over 200,000 enrollments.

So, these are some of the free online courses offered/provided by some  of the top universities of the world.