How to See WiFi Password in Android Phone ?

Sometime you accidently remove your device from your wifi or need to quickly see wifi password from your friend’s or relative’s mobile. In such case you must know the steps to see wifi password in android device. So, in this post we will solve this problem and make you able to find connected-wifi password in android.

How to See WiFi Password in Android Phone ?

Internet and technology are some of the most important things of this time. From searching on Google, Bing to surfing on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, internet is needed. During the pandemic when the need of meeting apps like Ms. Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and other, the demand and necessity of internet have increased rapidly. In this case WiFi and its password have become the common friends.

In this post we will see the ways to see password in android and computer both under 5 sub headings.

In Android 10 or higher

In devices with Android version 10 or higher you can directly see wifi password without help of any other apps.

Step 1: Open Setting

Step 2: Click on Network & Internet

Step 3: Click on WiFi

Step 4: Click on wheel like icon on top right or additional setting option whatever available.

Step 5: Click on Saved Networks.

Step 6: Click on the desired WIFi and click on share button

QR code will appear. In some devices password appears below the QR code and in some cases you need to take the screenshot of QR code and scan it to see the wifi password.

You can get QR code scanner apps like QR $ Barcode Scanner and many other in play store.

In Android 9 or less

Rooting the device is the only way to access the /data/misc/wifi directory in androids with Android Version 9 or less. Once rooted, you can install apps like Solid Explorer File Manager or ES File Explorer. You can download these software from play store. After installation you need to search for directory /data/misc/wifi   in them where you can see your wifi password.

In ES File Explorer you need to click on show hidden content option to access the directory.

Note: Rooting is simply somewhat like getting the admin authority of your mobile phone. Sometimes it can harm the system files and lead to crashing them.

In devices of Xaomi
In devices of Xaomi like Redmi, even if the android version is less than 10 you can easily find the password of connected wifi. Just go to WiFi in setting and when connected on the Wifi , Share the password option is seen. Click on the connected WiFi. QR code is seen. Screenshot it and scan it to see the wifi password.

Using Internet Browsers like Google Chrome
If you have admin access, then you can easily see your wifi password. You just have to enter IP address of your wifi in search field of internet browser.

Then to access router properties, you need to enter username and password which are admin (in not changed)

i.e. Username=admin

Password= admin

If you donot know IP address , you can see it by clicking on additional setting option appearing inside Wifi in phone’s setting. Its format is like:  or or some other.

Or. You can download Router Setup Page app from playstore to find it. It’s easy.

Bonus: In Computer(PC)
Even if you donot know the IP address, admin panel password, don’t know any software and extra skills, you can easily see your wifi password in your connected computer by following these steps.

Step 1: Run Cmd(Command Prompt) as Administrator

Step 2: Run this code

netsh wlan show profile

A list of wifi connected will appear.

Step 3: Run this code

netsh wlan show profile WifiName key=clear

Note: In place of WifiName place the SSID or name of your wifi.

You will now get password of your wifi.

We hope you find it helpful. If you feel any doubt and have any query leave a comment below. Check our website daily  for amazing stuffs like this and more.

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