Slow Internet? These steps can speed up your Wi-Fi Connection

Internet Speed- you probably don't care much about it until the page you are loading keeps spinning. Or maybe the game you are playing crashes. Slow internet connection has been a major problem for almost every one of us. We don't get the internet speeds we pay for. ISP may not always be the reason for your weak connections. There are different factors that reduce the efficiency of your connection.

These steps can speed up your Wi-Fi Connection

Every one of us wants to know ideas used to maintain our wi-fi connection and speed up our speed. So, we will be talking about some of the major steps and methods that may boost up your internet connection or increase its efficiency.

  1. Limit Devices and Applications
Limiting the connected devices is a very important step to speed up your connection. There may be many unknown devices connected to your internet and some might be out of the range of your router. If the devices are connected beyond the range, the connection itself gets interrupted. This affects not only the device out of range but the entire setup. So selecting the proper and important devices for your network is a must.  Some routers provide a Quality of Service(QoS) setting that enables you to prioritize the application you use. Some individuals may need to attend more calls, while they may not need it for gaming purposes. So, you can prioritize your applications using Qos. This surely provides you a better experience with your internet connection.

2. Restart your Router

Restarting the routers sets up the internet connection many times. Like every one of us, Routers need a proper rest. So, if you are having a very slow internet connection then you can try restarting or turning off your router for a while. It is better suggested to turn off your router while the network is not being used or maybe before sleep. This also clears the cache stored within the router.

3. Position your router in the perfect place

Wi-Fi means Wireless Fidelity, so it is highly affected by the distance and the physical obstacles as it sends data in the form of signals. Never place a router in a closed place or any corner. Having the router in the open place that is free from many obstacles like walls really helps. Also keeping the router near any other electronic devices may slow down your network due to different electronic interference. Therefore, always keep the router in the center of your house.

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4.  Change your password regularly

Changing the password really helps. This can help speed the network up as well as provide proper security. The more you limit the devices on a network, the faster it executes. There are many wifi hacking software available which can easily hack your network. So, a regular update of your internet password becomes a must. Your internet works really fast, the instance you change your password.

 5. Change your router

Sometimes, following all the steps mentioned above may not work. So, setting up a new router can work for you. The router provided by the ISP provider may be of low quality or may not have proper functionality. Therefore, looking for an alternative is highly recommended.

6. Use Ethernet cable

Ethernet cable is a common type of network cable that is used with wired networks. They are capable of communicating at a faster speed and have lower latency than Wi-Fi connections. Ethernet is more reliable and is a much secure means of communication. So, using an ethernet cable may boost up your internet connection.

7. Contact your ISP

Your ISP may not always provide the internet package you pay for. So, if you ever feel disturbed with your network, its better to call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and inform them about the problem.

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These were some of the most important steps to alleviate your internet connection. If you have any problem with any of them, feel free to ask us. We will help you in any way possible.