How to Find a Lost Mobile Phone?

Worried about your lost phones? Have you misplaced it somewhere? It's really stressful experience. But thankfully, there are plenty of ways to find your lost phone, be it an iPhone or an Android device. There are several built-in tools that make it possible for a user to locate or track the device. So, we will be talking in detail about those helpful options, providing you the ideas to get back your phone easily.

How to Find a Lost Mobile Phone?

Google's Find my Device

These days most of the phones come up with the Find my device option. It is built into your devices through google play services. The service is capable of tracking your devices once you sign in your device with a Google account. You can download the app from Google playstore or click here.

How to use Google's Find My Device?

The built-in service is automatically set up once you log in but you can go through the following simple steps to make sure Find My Device is enabled.

- Go to Security and Location and then Find My Device.

- If your mobile doesn't have the mentioned option, you can go to Google and then security followed by  Find My Device.

Logging into your Google account

You must log in to your google account from any of the browsers, computers, or mobile phone.

- Open your browser and go to

- If you are not logged in, enter your email and the password associated with your lost phone.

- You may need to go through other verification procedures depending upon your account.

What can I do with Find My device?

Once you are connected to your device, there are two major options you can choose from:

a.  Play Sound: This will ring your lost device for 5 minutes even if your mobile is in silent mode. This can be very helpful to find your misplaced phone.

b. Set up Secure and Erase: You have two options available under this feature.

  - Secure: This allows you to lock your home screen from the finder. If your device was previously not secured with a password or pattern,  this can be really helpful to secure your data. It allows you to display a message of your choice and log out of your Google account. You can track your device even after it is locked. The finder is not able to get into your phone unless he/she successfully enters a pin code.

 - Erase: When you have no hope of finding your phone, this option can be very useful. It erases all your data stored in your device.  You will no longer be able to track your phone once you use this option. This must be your last option.

Note: Other than just mobile you can find the lost smart watch if you have one.

Remember you can use all these features only when the mobile is connected to an internet connection. Google will automatically send you an email immediately after your device is located.

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If the above-mentioned process is not helping you to locate your device, you can go for other different ways. IMEI is a very important factor that allows you to find your mobile phone. IMEI is a unique identifier. So, it is very important for us all to store the number safely. You may have multiple IMEI numbers depending upon the number of SIM cards. We can easily find our IMEI number by dialing *#06# from our phone's dialer. It is also mentioned in the box containing our mobile phone. It is the must to file a complaint with the police when your phone is stolen.

So, these were common ideas to get back your lost mobile phone. There are be other many phone trackers software that can be used. We wish you very good luck and hope you never go through such emotional situations.

Hope you find it helpful.

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