Far Western of Nepal- The Real heaven on Earth

Hope you read the top 6 places to visit in Far Western Region of Nepal. We are here with more pleasant and heart satisfying beautiful places to visit in Far Western Region of Nepal.

 7. Tripura Sundari, Baitadi

Located in the Dashrath Chand municipality of Baitadi district, Tripura Sundari lies 10km west from its headquarter, Khalanga. Tripura Sundari is a Hindu pilgrim site dedicated to Devi Durga. It is one of the seven Bhagwati temples of Baitadi district, where thousands of people celebrate Gaura, Sankranti, Dashain every year. Hundreds of Indians visit the temple to make their wishes come true and to offer prayers to Devi Ransaini.

Nepal is often known for its culture and traditions which are way different than the western countries. Therefore, Tripura Sundari can be a perfect site for tourists. Additionally, the astonishing architectural beauty of this temple and the social lifestyles is a major attraction.

I am sure, People's eyes light up when they hear about Deuda dance, famous in the Far-western region of the country.

Far Western of Nepal- The Real heaven on Earth
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8. Mt. Api and Saipal

Mountains in the Darchula are amazing, even when the weather is miserable. It is almost enough for people to rub their eyes and ears in disbelief. Mt. Api Saipal trek is one of the best to experience the unspoiled area of the country. The are is off-touristy and still remains untouched by many. Mt. Api ( 7,132 m) and Mt. Saipal (7031 m) are two different Mountains located in northern parts of Darchula and Bajhang districts respectively.

Along with massive mountain views, they offer cultural diversity of the remote districts. They can also be regarded as the best trek to explore the beautiful wild nature of Nepal. For sure, trekking in the Api and Saipal region provides the best thrilling adventure. So, only the people with good health conditions and good physical fitness are suggested to plan for a trek.

A journey to Api Saipal offers the best experience and memory for a lifetime. But still, it remains unexplored to the people around the globe and within the country as well.

9. Linga and Bedkot, Kanchanpur

Newly discovered yet beautiful destination Linga, is located in Bedkot municipality of Kanchanpur District. Rich in both religious and natural sight, it is one of the not to miss tourist destination in the Far western region. The magical and unique natural designs have attracted numbers of tourists around the country.

As compared to previous days, Linga has earned a good number of people visiting the place. It has a good reach for transportation.

Bedkot Lake situated near Linga is also one of the popular and beautiful tourist destinations. One can visit Bedkot Lake along with Linga.

10. Tikapur Park

Built by king Mahendra, Tikapur Park remains one of the most beautiful parks in western Nepal. The Park is located on the shore of the Karnali river offering people a boating facility and an experience of beaches allowing them to swim or take a sunbath. Also known as Tikapur great garden, it is one of the biggest parks in Nepal. It remains a popular destination for tourists since its establishment.

Tikapur provides a peaceful and silent environment for people trying to explore nature. The other major sites of attraction Karnali Bridge( 25km) and the Ghodaghodi lake(44km) are situated near the Park.

11. Ghodaghodi Taal

Ghodaghodi Taal is a Ramsar site in Far western Nepal. Covering an area of 2563 hector, it is situated in the Kailali district at an altitude of 205m. The area is the Habitat for birds and different endangered animals in Nepal.

Believed to be named after Lord Shiva and Parvati ( used to turn into horses around this area), Ghodaghodi acts as an important place to worship for the Tharu community. It is situated in the lower slope of Siwalik and the area consists of 13 large and oxbow lakes. It is regarded as the heart of the Karnali region. 

12. Baijnaath Dham, Achham

Baijnath Dham also called Baidhyanath, is one of the four Dham of Nepal associated with Lord Shiva. This is renowned to be the place where Ravan meditated and was blessed with 9 heads form Shiva. Here, Lord Shiva acted as Baidhya ( Shiva), so it is popularly known as Baidhyanath. The weapons of the Gorkha Army left during the unification of Nepal are also stored here.

Cultural practices of Nepal plays an important role in uplifting the Socio-cultural status of Nepalese Society. So, places like Baidhyanath should be given proper care as it can promote the culture and the indigenous lifestyle of Western Nepal.

There are many other regions yet to be explored. So, our main mission should be to help tourists wanting to explore and study the real and natural life in Nepal. We must pressurize the respected bodies to emphasize more and more on tourist industries so that the majestic areas like Khaptad or Badimalika do not remain bare. This is our sole responsibility to serve our nation to give a face and a name to hundreds of Nepalese destinations.