KU Engineering Entrance Guide- To secure Scholarship Seat

Unlike IOE, KU has only one college for Engineering. School of Engineering, Dhulikhel, Banepa is also one of the most chosen colleges for Engineering in Nepal. A peaceful environment away from the dust of Kathmandu valley has made it more upstanding.

KU Engineering Entrance Guide- To secure Scholarship Seat
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Students here are admitted based on the entrance marking. The applicants must appear in Kathmandu University Common Admission Test ( KUCAT ) and obtain good marks for getting admission. Candidates are tested for their abilities in PCM( Physics, Chemistry, Maths ).


Physics - ( 40 marks, 25 questions )

Chemistry - ( 20 marks, 16 questions )

Mathematics - ( 40 marks, 25 questions )

For full syllabus click here.

Eligibility Criteria:

The students must have a minimum of 50% in PCM or Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science (PMCs)in aggregate.

Entrance details:

Time: 2 hours

No. of questions: 120 ( 40 questions in each part )

Questions divided into five difficulty levels; 1 being the easiest and 5 the toughest. If the question is answered correctly, the difficulty level increases while decreases if answered incorrectly.

The score increases by 2 for every difficulty level, 11 being the score for level 1.

528 is the pass marks and can see the result immediately after submission.

Hostel facility: Priority to the students out of the valley.

KU Engineering Entrance Examination Guides and Steps:

1. Prepare Well

2. Fill up the form ( Occurs before IOE exams ).

3. Pay the fees ( Normally 1500 ) in the mentioned bank and submit the voucher as per the notice.

4. You will be given exam dates on the same day.

5. Give the exams and wait for another notice.

6. After the priority list ( the branch you want to join ) is published based on your form, you can analyze the scores and branch chosen by every student. This is the time to make a tricky decision if you have scored insufficient.

7. The final list is published but other official 3-4 lists are published.

8. Even if your name is not included in these lists, you can apply for  Expression of Interest (EOI), where you can change your faculty as well.

9. Get Admitted.

(Note: We are not the officials of the college. The information shared is on the basis of former entrance applicants and the students of the college.)

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