Annual Scholarship and Paid Seats in IOE Pulchowk Engineering Campus and Cut-off Rank

Do you wanna know the annual seats in Pulchowk campus (IOE) and last year's cut off ranks for different departments? Then you are in a right place. In this post we will clear you about annual seats in IOE Pulchowk and cut-off rank of each departments.

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Pulchowk campus provides enrollment to 576 new students every year. There are altogether 8 different departments of engineering. The table below gives the idea of different departments and number of students that get enrollment in each department.

Department No. of Sections No. of Students
Civil Engineering 4 192
Computer Engineering 2 96
Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering 1 48
Electrical Engineering 1 48
Mechanical Engineering 1 48
Aerospace Engineering 1 48
Chemical Engineering 1 48
Architecture Engineering 1 48

Pulchowk campus provides quite a good number of full-scholarship to students. Other various years wise and semester wise scholarships are also provided to intellectual, good scorer and needy students. Students are enrolled on the basis of entrance Rank and so is evaluated and taken consideration for priority form submission and full- fee scholarship distribution. Students can choose departments on the basis of entrance rank.

An overview of a number of regular (i.e full-scholarship ) students and full-fee category is as shown below.

Department No. of Regular Students No. of Full fee students
Civil Engineering 108 84
Computer Engineering 36 60
Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering 24 24
Electrical Engineering 24 24
Mechanical Engineering 24 24
Aerospace Engineering 12 36
Chemical Engineering 12 36
Architecture Engineering 24 24

The college publishes about 9-10 lists. Some students leave the college even after admission so, some vacant seats are left. Students, already admitted, are shifted from full-fee category to regular group or new students, after refilling the priority form again are admitted in both categories. Placement is always based on Entrance Rank.

Note: Suppose, your rank is 100, and you didn't get admitted in the certain department say X in 1st priority list. But someone with rank 200 got admitted to that department X. Then in 2nd, 3rd, or any other priority list, you cannot replace the student with rank 200 even if your rank is higher than him/her if there is no vacant seat available in that particular department.

The cut-off rank of students enrolled in different departments of engineering of Pulchowk Campus is as below:

For Regular Category:

Department 1st priority list 2nd priority list
Civil Engineering 151 151
Computer Engineering 57 57
Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering 280 280
Electrical Engineering 345 406
Mechanical Engineering 342 252
Aerospace Engineering 295 330
Chemical Engineering 1288 1288
Architecture Engineering 685 799

For Full fee category:

Department 1st priority list 2nd priority list
Civil Engineering 337 374
Computer Engineering 269 279
Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering 426 459
Electrical Engineering 562 629
Mechanical Engineering 568 671
Aerospace Engineering 987 1260
Chemical Engineering 3138 5890
Architecture Engineering 1193 1279

Note: Many other lists are also published and some seats can be available in both regular and full fee categories.

So, there is always hope for students to get enrolled in Pulchowk Campus. If you have any query leave a comment below.

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