How to Make Money Online in Nepal and India?

Are you thinking of earning money but not getting the right platform? Have talent but no time? Then this is what you have been looking for. 

Here we will be talking about some fields that are highly popular for online employment, be it in Nepal, India or the International market.

How to Make Money Online in Nepal and India?

1. Website / Blogging

Blogging has a high scope throughout the globe. It may take time and hard work at the beginning but trust me you can have a healthy income as you get established and earn more views. So, you can buy a domain name and host. You will have to invest a little, but you can earn enough once it gets established. It totally depends upon your dedication and interest.

Average Salary Estimation: 10$-20$ per 1000 ads click.

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2. Graphics Designer

If you have a very good knowledge of designing and graphics, this is what you can go into. You can work as per your interest and your time as a graphics designer. This has a very good income and you can work for different companies online. 

Average Salary Estimation ( Yearly ): 50,000$-60,000$.

3. Youtube

Whenever we get bored or want to learn something in detail, we tune into youtube. The more we visit youtube channels the more they make money through it. And yes, Youtube provides a good sum of money. It takes time to reach a certain height like blogging but once established as a good channel, you can have enough money for yourself. BUT, if you have good content that can attract the audience, you may not have to wait long. 

Average Salary Estimation ( Per View ): 0.10$-0.30$.

4. Freelancing 

Freelancing is a way of online earning. The freelancers do take contracts or work from different companies and organizations and earn a certain sum of money as per demand and type of work. They are self-employed. Different websites give detailed information about Job, salary, and their expectations. As per which, the candidates apply to ask for a job stating their skills. It may have a problem in Nepal due to the Online Payment system. 

Average Salary Estimation ( Yearly ): 50,000$-60,000$.

5. Content Writing

If you are good at writing and creative enough, this one is for you. There are many blogs and websites that look for a good writer. You can apply for it and win a good sum of money once selected. You can write in Nepali, English, or any language you are good at, as per the need and type of company you are working for. 

Average Salary Estimation ( Yearly ): 35,000$ - 45,000$.

There are many other ways to earn money online, but these are the most common ways one can make money through. If you have talent nothing can stop you from earning. The main thing a starter requires is patience. So don't worry, take your time and explore your interests and work accordingly. 

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