IOE Entrance Guide- Tips to secure Scholarship Seat

Engineering entrance is the key to get admitted into a college. The entrance system has made it easier for institutions to filter students. Every year the number of applicants for Engineering college is increasing, which has leveled up the difficulty of getting into it. Thousands of students have been competing for hundreds of seats in the college of their choice. Therefore, Engineering institutions have become a must or a bridge for getting into a better college as it teaches you the pattern, tricks, time management skills required for surpassing the entrance.  Albeit, it is not compulsory to join the academy for getting selected.

IOE Entrance Guide- Tips to secure Scholarship Seat
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The syllabus for the entrance examinations varies with Universities. But the questions mainly focus on the ideas and concepts gained in high schools. The marking system has been assigned as per subjects by different universities.

Institute of Engineering (IOE) :

IOE is the most chosen institute for Engineering degree. Students try their best and compete for getting admitted to IOE, especially the central campus, Pulchowk. An entrance examination with over 13 thousand applicants takes place every year, based on which students get admitted.

Constituent Colleges (5) :

  1. Pulchowk Campus ( 576 )
  2. Purwanchal Campus ( 480 )
  3. Paschimanchal Campus ( 432 )
  4. Thapathali Campus ( 432 )
  5. Chitwan Engineering Campus ( 24 )

IOE Affiliated Colleges (10):

  1. Advanced College of Engineering and Management (336 )
  2. Himalaya College of Engineering ( 240 )
  3. Janakpur Engineering College ( 192 )
  4. Kantipur Engineering College ( 288 )
  5. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management ( 192 )
  6. Kathmandu Engineering College ( 384 )
  7. Khwopa College of Engineering ( 192 )
  8. Lalitpur Engineering College ( 96 )
  9. National College of Engineering ( 240 )
  10. Sagarmatha Engineering College ( 144 )

Subjects :

  • Physics - ( 45 marks )
  • Chemistry - ( 25 marks )
  • Mathematics - ( 50 marks )
  • English - ( 20 marks )

Total Marks = 140

Total Time = 120 minutes

For complete syllabus, click here.

( Note: There is no negative marking in the entrance examinations. Until 2075, there was a 10% negative marking. )

Eligibility Criteria:

Education: Intermediate Level (+2/A Level/Diploma in Engineering) with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths (or Extra Maths in case of Biology students)

Score: Minimum 45% or ‘C’ Grade in all subjects

IOE Entrance Examination Guides and Steps:

1. Prepare well.  (Hard work is the only key to crack. Do not fall into fake motivations of so called Entrance GURUS that they will help you crack entrance exam in 5 days. It's scam. )

2. Fill up the form ( The first notice is published 15 days before the exam starts ). Choose the date and the shift of the examinations.

3. Give your exams.

4. See the results after it is published.

5. After the notice, fill up the priority form. For every constituent colleges, you will have to fill up a different form. You can include as many faculties you like in the given form, in the order of your interest.

6. Check for your name. If it is in, get admitted. If not, you might wait for the second list.

7. The colleges publish 8-9 lists. You may have to fill your priority form again after every three lists. ( Don't just focus on a single college till the last list, search for alternatives. You can switch your college even after admission, but for that, you will have to enable the " Switch Interest" option in the internet portal.

8. After the colleges start, IOE publishes another list if the seats are vacant. This time, only private college students can fill-up the form. So, this is a boon or advantage for private college students.

9. Study your Engineering well.

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