St. Xavier's College- Entrance Exam, Question Pattern, Entrance Guide

After your SEE are you planning to get enrolled in one of the best college of entire nation i.e St. Xavier's College Maitighar Kathmandu? Then you are in the perfect place. In this post we will discuss about Entrance Exam, Question Pattern, Entrance Guide for St. Xavier's College.

St. Xavier's College- Entrance Exam, Question Pattern, Entrance Guide
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Introduction of St. Xavier's College

St.Xavier's College located in the center of the city, Maitighar is the dream for almost every student inside and outside the valley. It is admired because of its quality education and the fair entrance system which has leveled it up. The college could enroll thousands of students every year but alumni quantity is not what they focus on. They focus on quality and standards. In a way, SXC has helped the nation produce better and highly qualified human resources. 

Cracking SXC is not easy. Looking at the number of applicants every year,  you may have already realized its toughness. More than 10000 students compete for 504 seats. And you know entrance is a quarter of luck, even best-performing students might not get into it. But remember you always have a chance. A chance that can guide you through the Watrin Hall of the college. 

Most of us have queries about the questions asked in entrance examinations. We have been filled up with a thought, SXC Entrance = +2 Syllabus. This is nothing but a business strategy for most of the bridge course institutions. The college does not ask the questions as per the grade 11,12 syllabus. Though only SEE level questions are asked in the examination, they are really tough and hard to solve. But if you have acquired the logics and have a better understanding of the content, you might minimize the difficulties by a huge margin. Remember, time management is the key to better outcomes.  

Question Pattern asked in entrance exam: 

1. Science

2. Maths

3. English

4. Logic, GK

Total Marks = 100

Number of questions = 100

Total Time = 75 minutes

Number of seats = 504

If you are planning to give entrance exam for St. Xavier's ,you will certainly find these tips helpful.

Eligibility Criteria :

Must have 'A' grade in Science, Compulsory Mathematics, Optional Mathematics, English, and 'B+' is all other subjects.

The shortlisted students from entrance examinations have to pass an interview before finally being selected to study at St. Xavier's College, Maitighar, Kathmandu.

(Note: We are not the officials of the college. The information shared is on the basis of former entrance applicants and the students of St.Xavier's.)

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If you are planning to crack entrance exam of St. Xavier's you must have to solve the following sets of questions.

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