Thinking of Buying a New Laptop? You should consider these features

Which laptop should I buy? What are the things I should look for? Does size matter? Should I buy an expensive laptop or a cheaper one? What are the specifications I should focus on? 

Thinking of Buying a New Laptop? You should consider these features

I am sure these questions have been rolling all over your mind. If you are closer to buying a new laptop, you might also be having a nightmare thinking about it all the time. If so, Congratulations. You are on the right track because you are on the right site. Here we will be talking about the things to look at while buying a brand new laptop. Be it for personal use or a professional one.

By the way, there is nothing called as the " Best Laptop", due to differences in the users.

1. Windows or Mac ?? 

Simply, Mac is the laptop produced by the company Apple whereas there are numbers of companies manufacturing Windows laptops. For eg. Dell, Lenevo, Acer, Hp, etc. Mac is usually easier to buy as they have very few models and its easy to choose among them. In the case of Windows, the numbers of models are available in the market. Windows and Mac are different in terms of Software and hardware. If you have enough money or if you are using a laptop for official use, you can go for Mac. Only when you have enough money. Windows work equally well. When you have a limited budget but looking for a good one, I would personally suggest you to go for Windows. It's totally upon you.

So here we will be talking more about Windows laptops.

2. Size

Every one of us wants a laptop that looks pretty good. Size can play an important role in making a laptop look cool. There is a wide variety and laptops of different sizes are available in the market. Laptops must be portable. So, go for the size that is easier for you to carry along with you. But also the size depends greatly upon the size of the PC. The smaller sized laptops might not support the variety of processors or graphics. So, if you are using it for the purpose that requires high graphics or a larger display, it is very good for you to choose laptops with larger sizes. Don't go for the laptops that look fancy but the one that works efficiently. 

3. Brand

Go for the brand or the company that is already established well in the market. Such companies have already fixed most of the errors or problems faced by the users. So, they are better than the newly formed manufacturing companies. 

4. Processors

The speed and efficiency of the computer are determined by the type of processor used. There are different types of processors available. such as Dual-core processor, I3, I5, I7 processors, etc. I5 and I7 are much recommended. I7 is expensive than I5 but I7 works much better. I5 is also regarded to be a good processor for using a computer with different applications. These processors (ie. I5 and I7)  have different generations. It is best to go for the processors above the seventh generation. Higher the generation, the more efficient is the output.  

5. Random Access Memory ( RAM )
It is one of the most important things to look at while buying a new laptop. It also determines the speed and efficiency of the laptop. Ram further works as the support system for numbers of applications working on a computer. For normal use, 4 GB ram works pretty well. But if you are a programmer and use a laptop for running various applications better go for 8GB or above. You can add or remove RAM whenever required.

6. Hard Disk / SSD

SSD is much faster and expensive than Hard Disk. Some laptops have an option to install both hard disk and SSD while some can only install any one of them. You can work efficiently and faster with SSD. 256GB SSD along with 1TB of a hard disk is a good combination. Operating System installed on SSD works with a higher speed than that of a hard disk. 

7. Graphics

2GB graphics works pretty well and is recommended by many for normal uses.

8. Companies
Almost all the companies are good in their own way. Some of the famous and established companies in the market are Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Samsung, MSI, etc. New companies might arise different unsolved problems. 

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