Tips for getting into St. Xavier's College ( SXC ), Maitighar

Getting enrolled in St.Xavier's, Maitighar Kathmandu after SEE is dream of many students across the whole nations but only 504 students become successful to crack it's entrance exam. Here are some tips which you will find helpful during entrance exam.

These tips can surely help you increase your performance and increase your chance of getting selected in the entrance exam of St.Xavier's College.

Tips for getting into St. Xavier's College ( SXC ), Maitighar
St.Xavier's College, Maitighar
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Tips for getting into St. Xavier's College ( SXC )

Time Management: 

Time management has been the key for entrance examinations. It's very difficult to crack all the questions in a limited time. 100 questions in 75 is not an easy task. So be prepared for that, practicing numbers of model sets in examination format. Don't waste much time on the question you are not able to solve. Solve all the questions. At very last moments even if you do not have time to solve questions, just tick one of the options of every question. Solve all the questions(Remember it)

Solve Maths at last: 

The questions are divided into different sections. In order to manage time and solve the questions wisely, it is suggested to solve math problems at last. Math problems consume much time than other sections. So no matter how good you are at Maths, go for it at last. But it is not compulsion and there is no hard and fast rule to solve maths at last. Just don't waste your time. 

Be Clever:

 When you are very near to the end of examinations, start using your mind more wisely. Start guessing the answers when 5 to 10 minutes of your time is remaining. Don't think deeply and waste much time on the questions you have no idea. Just go for a random guess. ( Option B and C more preferred but not always). Do not miss a question. In our batch some students said we solved no more than 60% of questions still they were selected. So, questions come slightly hard and unseen and some questions even from syllabus of 11 and 12 which are of course hard. So, do not miss a chance and try all the questions.

No Cheating:

 Don't even imagine. I said Don't. You have 0 chances of cheating in the examinations. You must depend only upon one person and that's you. Only You. No other can help you inside the hall. You have a chance of getting expelled even on the smallest incident. Be careful. SXC is not easy. 

Be Confident: 

The written exam is not only the way to SXC. It is followed by an interview where you will be asked by a panel of experts. The key to succeeding is confidence. I know, you can handle your course questions. But it depends on the teachers what you are asked. So get prepared for everything. Numbers of students are thrown out form the interview round. Be ready.

No Stress and Feel Cool: 

St. Xavier's is not the final destination. There is a beautiful world beyond that. So, the main this we must focus on is our mental health. The more we make it healthy, more the chances of getting into the college. Most of us are fully stressed worrying about the entrance exams, which has no logic at all. It's not the end of the world. Relax, prepare well, and give exams and be happy with whatever the result is. There are many good colleges throughout Nepal anyways. Try your best.

Note: During this Covid Period ,there has been slight change in entrance question format. Now MCQS are replaced by essay writing questions. Students are asked to write essay on the questions asked. Usually one question from Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English(General Topic) each is asked. As far as we know from some officials selection is based on how better a candidate can attempt all questions (As per it's motto college emphasize on excellence, innovation and originality).So, be original. Write what you know. Do not feel copy-pasting from google will be accepted. After Covid, Entrance will be based on MCQs pattern as far as possible.

(Note: We are not the officials of the college. The information shared is on the basis of former entrance applicants and the students of St.Xavier's.)

Some sample MCQs questions prepared by ex-students of St. Xavier's, SOS and KMC colleges with important hints included. Hope you find them helpful.

 Practice set 1- Click here

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