Tips to choose best web hosting

 Are you thinking of creating a new website? Trying to express your views and ideas to an entire world? Try creating a new website. A new website needs certain things. Do you know? If not, don't worry. This is for you. We will be talking about Web hosting in detail.

Faster the hosting, more efficient the website. So, choosing the right host is a must. The quality and the loading time depends mostly on the type of hosting you are using. So, it is the most important part of website development.

Web hosting allows you to publish your website on the internet. There are certain things that we must focus on while buying a new host. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Cost

There are different types of hosting based on price. Chose the package suitable for your website. If your website is a simple and small scale, you can go for a cheaper one. The cost is generally on a yearly basis.

2. Storage

The hosting that provides higher storage capacity is always favorable.

3. Security

It is an important task to check if the hosting has an SSL certificate. With this, your website will be https secured. It saves you from getting hacked.

4. Multiple Domain

Some hosting provides a facility of hosting more than one domain in a single service. This is like, buy one, get one free. So, you can give a priority to it over others.

5. cPanel

cPanel Plesk is used to manage your hosting. It is provided for free. So, it is a must to check if the provider is charging you for this.

There are different types of hosting based on the efficiency and working ability. They are:

1. Normal Hosting

For normal, personal, or small- scale use.

Used for simple websites.

Costs around 10$.

2. Medium Hosting

Better than Normal hosting.

Used for small organizations.

Costs around 50$.

3. Advanced Hosting

 Uses Virtual Private Server ( VPS ) hosting service - designed personally for you.

Used for high scale.

Used by most of the big companies.

Works for Millions, Billions of users.

It is pretty expensive.

    eg. Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Server, Microsoft Azure, etc.