Richest Persons in Nepal- Part 2

Hope you read about the top 5 richest persons of Nepal . Here are wealthiest person of Nepal.

6. Aditya Jha

Estimated Net Worth: 100 million dollars

He was born in Janakpur, Nepal. He is a Canadian-Nepali businessman.

He is the CEO and President of software company Osellus inc.

He is the owner of Karma Candies-one of the largest candy manufacturers in Canada.

He has established companies in Canada, India, Thailand, and Nepal.

In January 2017 he acquired the largest tenders in the World- dgMarket International INc.

He is the general manager of bell Canada.

He has set a program One Laptop Per Child to promote digital literacy in Nepal. He has donated over 100 laptops to rural village schools in Nepal.

7. Balram Chainrai

Estimated Net Worth:70 million dollars+

Balram Chainrai (also known as Balu) is a self-made multimillionaire Nepali who established himself as a leading businessman in Hong Kong on real estate and electronics.

His Hornington Enterprises Limited manufactures electronic items whose business expands over  Asia, the Middle East, Europe, East Europe, Ukraine, and Russia.

Chainrai has investments in hotels, solar power projects, and the entertainment industry. Chainrai owned  Portsmouth Football Club which is an  English Premier League Club.

8. Jiba Lamichhane

Estimated Net Worth: 100 million dollars +

Jiba Lamichhane is a Russia based Nepali businessman and writer.

Jiba Lamichhane is the Managing Director of the TV manufacturing company Techno Trust. His company delivers Elson Brand LCD TVs for the Russian Market. He has worked in collaboration with Dr. Upendra Mahato(third richest Nepali) too.

He is the former president of the International Coordination Council (ICC) of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) and one of the founding members of NRNA (Non-Resident Nepali Association).

9. Pashupati Shumsher Rana

Estimated Net Worth: $250million

Pashupati Shumsher Rana is a politician from the Rana Dynasty who was the Foreign Affairs minister, Finance minister, Transport and Tourism Minister and Water Resources Minister of Nepal at different times.

He owned Nepal gas which was sold for about 85 crores.

10. Rajendra Khetan

Estimated Net Worth: $100-$400 million dollar

Rajendra Khetan is one of the most successful businessmen in Nepal with an estimated net worth of $100-$400 million dollars.

He is the chairman of Laxmi Bank and Prime Life Insurance. Khetan Group under which about 13 companies work is a leading beverage manufacturing group in Nepal.

So, these are the wealthiest persons of Nepal who earned this much fame and money by hard work, excellence, skill, and a business-oriented mindset.