Today Gold and Silver Price in Nepal- Latest Price

Gold and Silver are valuable part of everyday life. Ornament made from them resemble beauty and add value in one's personality. Plus investment in Gold is considered as one of the best form of investment. That's why it is important to be up to date with the fluctuating Gold and Silver Price. So here is the post that you will surely find helpful.

Gold Purity Percentage

14 karat58.5% pure.
18 karat75% pure
22 karat91.67% pure
24 karat99.99% pure

Gold and Silver Price in Nepal -Latest Price

FAQs about Gold and Silver

What is called Tejabi / 22-karat gold .9167 Fine?

The purity of the Tejabi gold is 22-karat.It means the percentage of pure gold is 91.67% with an remaining percentage constituting alloy consisting of 5.33% copper and 3% silver.

What do you mean by Chhapawal Gold?

It is 99.50 percent pure gold. It is commonly known as 24 Kt. gold in Nepal.

What is .999 Fine Gold?

999 Fine means Gold is 99.9% pure.

What is Hallmark/ Fine gold / .9999 Fine Gold?

Gold that is 99.99% pure. It is also known as Chhapawal Gold or 24 Karat Gold.

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